Thank you for your interest in TRTL!

TRTL is focused on research to better understand non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) and suicide. Lab members are primarily focused on identifying the between-persons factors that increase risk for these problems, as well as within-persons factors that contribute to short-term changes in self-harm risk in daily life.

Some of the questions we are working to answer are:

  • Why do some people engage in NSSI and then stop, while others continue?

  • Why do some people act on suicidal thoughts, while others do not?

  • Why, and for whom, does NSSI seem to confer increased risk of suicide?

  • Who is most likely to benefit from psychological treatment for these problems, and who is at highest risk of poor outcomes?

  • When is an at-risk person most likely to think about NSSI or suicide in their daily life

  • What thoughts, experiences, and emotions occur in the minutes to hours leading up to an episode of NSSI or suicidal behavior?​​


We hope that answering these questions will allow researchers and clinicians to identify people at greatest risk for these behaviors, develop appropriate prevention strategies for self-harm, and improve psychological treatments for NSSI and suicide.

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