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Talks, Presentations, and Podcasts

A Paradox in the Field: Mental-Health Disorders Among Psychologists. Podcast recorded for the Association for Psychological Science's Under the Cortex with Ludmila Nunes, Virtual, August 2022. Recording available here.


Addressing equity, diversity, and inclusion in suicide prevention as an early career suicidologist. Tedx-style talk at the American Association of Suicidology Conference, Virtual, April 2020. Transcript and recording available here.

Psychologists with lived experience of self-injury. Podcast recorded for The Psychology of Self-Injury with Nicholas Westers, Virtual, March 2021. Podcast available here.

Lived experience of mental illness among psychology faculty and trainees. Podcast recorded for Psychodrama with Katie Gordon and Leo Bobadilla, June 2021. Podcast available here.

A day in the life: Real world research and advocacy on the experiences of NSSI. Rising Star talk at the International Society for the Study of Self-Injury Conference, Virtual, June 2021. Recording (with captions) available here.

Popular Press

You can't know if you don't ask: How to assess non-suicidal self-injury, by Sarah Victor. Published in Visions BC Journal, 2017. Text available here.

It's time to stop saying words like 'Schitzo' and phrases like 'I'm so OCD.' Here's why, by David Oliver for USA Today. Article available here.

Why this study could have damaging consequences for the Borderline Personality Disorder community, by Kellyann Navarre for The Mighty, February 2021. Article available here.

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