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Contact Information

The best way to reach me is by email.

How to Apply

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Dr. Victor does not have openings for undergraduate or post-baccalaureate research assistants in the lab at this time. Please check back in late spring 2022 for further information about joining the lab as a research assistant.

Graduate Students

Dr. Victor WILL be reviewing applications for new graduate students in fall 2022, to enroll beginning fall 2023. Dr. Victor has not yet decided whether she will accept a specific number of graduate students for the 2023 cohort.

If you are interested in working with Dr. Victor as a graduate student, please do the following:

  1. Review Dr. Victor's work on this website to determine if your research interests are a good fit with upcoming lab projects.

  2. Review information about the clinical psychology graduate program at Texas Tech University (click here). Note that Dr. Victor is an advisor in the clinical psychology program, not the counseling psychology program, both of which are independent, accredited programs in the Texas Tech Department of Psychological Sciences. NOTE: The graduate stipend has recently increased slightly, and is now guaranteed for 5 years (previously 4).

  3. If you have specific questions about Dr. Victor's work or the lab, contact Dr. Victor by email (see above). Please note that Dr. Victor will not schedule individual meetings with applicants prior to review of all applications after the December 1st deadline. Further, you do NOT need to email Dr. Victor specifically to express interest in the lab - your application will not be considered any differently whether or not you email.

For more information see this page:

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Victor does not have funded openings for postdocs in the lab at this time. If you are interested in applying for your own direct funding (F32, Banting award) for postdoctoral training to work with Dr. Victor, please send your CV and information about your research interests to Dr. Victor by email.

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