Leveraging the Strengths of Psychologists with Lived Experience of Psychopathology

Authors and Signatories

The commentary titled Leveraging the Strengths of Psychologists with Lived Experience of Psychopathology was accepted for publication in Perspectives on Psychological Science in November 2021. This commentary accompanies an empirical article titled Only human: Mental health difficulties among clinical, counseling, and school psychology faculty and trainees, accepted for publication in Perspectives on Psychological Science in December 2021. 

The commentary invited signatories to the following statement:

We, the authors and signatories, have personal lived experience of psychopathology. Further, we have felt, feared, or witnessed adverse consequences related to stigma towards psychopathology in our professional training and careers. We recognize the need for substantial change within the fields of applied psychology with respect to how lived experience is recognized and addressed. Finally, we believe that acknowledging lived experience of psychopathology within our professional community—specifically, among those working to understand and reduce it—is an integral component of efforts to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion within psychological science.

Signatories are faculty members in applied psychological sciences (clinical, counseling, and/or school psychology) within the US or Canada.

Below is a list of commentary authors, followed by a list of commentary signatories, separated by date of publication.

If you wish to be added as a signatory, please complete the form available here, or contact Dr. Sarah Victor at Sarah.Victor@ttu.edu.


Sarah E. Victor, Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University

Jessica L. Schleider, Assistant Professor, Stony Brook University

Brooke A. Ammerman, Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame

Daniel E. Bradford, Assistant Professor, Oregon State University

Andrew R. Devendorf, Graduate Student, University of South Florida

June Gruber, Associate Professor, University of Colorado Boulder

Lisa A. Gunaydin, Assistant Professor, University of California San Francisco

Lauren S. Hallion, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh

Erin A. Kaufman, Assistant Professor, University of Western Ontario

Stephen P. Lewis, Associate Professor, University of Guelph

Dese'Rae L. Stage, Graduate Student, Temple University

Signatories, as of December XYZ, 2021 (in alphabetical order)